The Garden Kneeler🌿

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Say Goodbye To Aching Knees & Back

✅ Relieve back pain and knee pressure.

✅ Sturdy rails and comfort padding for knees.

✅ Up to 330 lbs weight capacity.

✅ Light weight and portable. Weighing at 5 lbs.

✅ We are based in Australia, and we ships worldwide.

✅ 365-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Look At How Others Are Loving Their Kneeler & Seat

These seniors are actual Relief customers that have seen a significant impact on their lifestyle with their Kneeler & Seat.

Experience The Difference In Your Body With Better Mobility

- Linda B. , AUS
"The biggest drawback is that people feel this kind of tool is for "old people". No one thought it was cool. I'm 72 and this weekend we used it in the garden and being able to flip it around for a chair, or kneel on it to work in garden beds, it became the favorite. Everyone wanted to use it even inside our home! Backpain, foot pain, knee pain are all much reduced after a weekend of gardening. We don't have that big of a yard even, and the amount it improved the experience was impressive."

Less Effort & Remove Strain on Back & On Your Knees

60% of people over the age of 55 experiences osteoarthritis, knee and hip pain. It can be frustrating to live with the chronic pain of these ailments. However, you don’t have to give up your green thumb due to these issues. With Multi-functional Kneeler🌿 & Seat, you can keep doing what you love with minimal pain or no pain at all.